Interested in the full results from the 2019 Annual Meeting and how they will impact your show season?  Check them all out here!

Do you keep track of your trails miles?  If so, click here for the printable form to submit miles to SHRC!

Do you show a Quarter Horse with the New Hampshire Quarter Horse Association? If so, your points from Silver Heels can be added to those points. Print off a copy of their points form here!

To All Paint-Pinto Exhibitors! Have a Solid Bred Paint? Wondering if you are eligible to compete in our Paint-Pinto division? With proof of registration through APHA or PtHA, you are more than welcome to compete in this division

Silver Heels Riding Club has been approved by both the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) as a participating club in the PAC Program (Paint Alternative Competition) and the American Pinto Horse Association(APtHA) as a participating club for the OPAC(Open Competition Activities Program for Pinto Horses).

All shows are approved and persons wishing to participate must obtain their own PAC forms from APHA, as well as OPAC from APtHA and have them signed by SHRC Show Secretary before submitting to APHA or APtHA for credit.