-2020 Annual Meeting Info-

Official Notice of Silver Heels Riding Club Annual Meeting

Sunday February 9, 2020


The Education Room over the Tack Shack

154 Martin Road

Fremont, NH

Items that were Voted On:

  • Class List Changes-Proposed change of SHRC Ranch to ECRRA Novice divisions
    • After much discussion, it was determined that the ECRRA definition of Novice as it is currently written made it so that the members in attendance felt that the true novice riders still didn’t have a place to ride and feel comfortable competing, especially the Youth riders. As a result, it was voted to leave the SHRC Ranch classes as they are, functioning under SHRC rules NOT ECRRA rules. However, a Youth Divisions for Walk/Trot and Walk/Trot/Lope would be added.
  • Class List Changes-Proposal to add First Year Under Saddle Division-this does include the Green horse request and as well as the Junior Horse Division Request
    • Following a conversation as to what already exists for classes and the definition of Green Horse, it was decided that the Board should not have to police the status of horses being shown and that Green Horse and First Year Under Saddle were voted down. After further conversation, there was not vote on a specific Junior Horse division as members felt that there were plenty of classes to pick from. We will continue to run the Junior Horse class.
  • Class List Changes-Proposal to add Hunter Hack class (rail and 2 jumps)
    • This was voted in as a trial for this season. Jumps will be 2’3” in height.
  • Class List Changes-Proposal to Remove “Novice” from Walk Trot Titles and Changing to “Walk Trot 13 Years & Over”
    • Members voted to remove Novice from the class titles. They will remain open to riders over 13 years of age with no need for riders to advance out to WTC after a certain period of time.
  • Clearly defining the Walk/Trot Eligibility rule and policing this form show circuit to show circuit
    • The rules regarding Walk Trot in our by-laws will be clarified to state that riders may not compete in WTC classes at our shows or any other shows, regardless of discipline.
      While exhibitors have never been allowed to cross enter into WT and WTC classes or show WT with us if they showed WTC at other shows, prior to the vote, there were no guidelines for what should happen if it was brought up that someone cantered at a non-SHRC show but showed Walk/Trot with us.  Nor was there anything to define what constituted “proof” that someone was cantering elsewhere.  As a BOD we did not feel that word of mouth was enough to strip someone of points when we know that “the girl on the bay horse” could be one of how many girls?  We wanted something more definitive that left less room for error. 
      Members voted to change the rule book to state that if someone suspects another rider is cantering somewhere that it is their responsibility to bring written proof of this to the BOD.  We will not accept word of mouth as it leaves too much room for error. 
      Once it has been determined that a rider has cantered or loped elsewhere, that rider will forfeit their season Walk/Trot points and will have to move up a division.
  • Allowing Ranch Horses to cross enter into Pleasure classes (breed, ladies & gentlemen’s pleasure, Open, and Western)
    • When SHRC originally began offering Ranch classes we followed the Paint rule book, stating the Ranch horses could not cross enter into Western classes. Our rule book was also never revised to allow them to enter into Breed specific pleasure classes, Ladies, Gentlemen’s, or Open Pleasure. The members in attendance voted to amend this so that Ranch horses may now be cross entered into any Pleasure class that we offer. However, a Ranch horse in a Western Pleasure class will need to follow Western Pleasure rules NOT Ranch rules.
  • Defining the timeline for a judge/client relationship
    • Members voted for a 30 day time span between lessons or training of horse and/or rider before a rider can compete under a judge. Participating in a clinic will not count towards the “relationship.

  • Election of 2020 Board and Officers
    • We wish to welcome Ray Belle to the Board of Directors for 2020. He will be joining Amanda Muscara, Jamie Remick, and Christy Collins. Officers are:

President: Stephanie Lewton

Vice President: Tammy Remick

Treasurer: Abbie Brideau

Secretary: Christine Brunault



-2019 Annual Meeting Results-

We were fortunate to have 26 voters present, quite a few educated conversations on a variety of agenda topics and topics brought up day of by members, and were able to make many decisions that will impact the club going forward. We encourage everyone to please view our updated rule book, sign up for membership, and also to check out the updated class list for this year.

With that in mind…here are the results of discussions and votes.

1. Proposed partnership with East Coast Ranch Riding Association-Passed. This will allow members of ECRRA to earn points at our shows. There is no added cost to the club for this so it seemed like a win-win for our riders!

2. Proposal to add a 2nd Ranch Riding Division, in accordance with ECRRA rules-Passed. The members voted in the addition of a Walk/Trot Division, open to all ages.

3. Additions/Removal and movement of Classes:

With the addition of WT Ranch, it was decided to move the Ranch Riding patterns to the morning session, to be held immediately after in hand classes in Ring 1. Further, Ranch horse halter was moved to Class 1 to allow time for riders to tack up. The decision behind this was made in an attempt to decrease the number of holds needed due to conflicts between leadline and pleasure classes.

Also in this discussion, members voted to remove Green Horse, Palamino/Buckskin Halter, and Palamino/Buckskin Pleasure due to a continued lack of entries. (We still welcome these Palomino/Buckskins as they qualify for the color breed classes as well!)

The addition of a First Year Canter Division was voted down.

A day end Walk/Trot Pleasure and day end Walk/Trot/Canter Pleasure Championship have been added. These classes are open to all ages. Riders must compete in another pleasure class to qualify. These will not go to day end or year end points. These classes will have a higher entry fee.

3. Ring 1 will no longer be held until the completion of leadline in ring 2.

4. Ring 1 will continue to offer the option of a trophy or $5.00 coupon only in classes with 3 or more riders. In cases where there are not 3 riders, a trophy will be given.

5. Novice Riders, 13 and Over, will no longer have handlers for Egg and Spoon classes.

6. Ring 2 will close for lunch at the completion of class 65. There will be a 30 minute lunch break. Trail will begin immediately after that, regardless of the status of Ring 1. We do ask that leadline complete trail prior to any other riders however after that, it will be on a first come basis. The hope is that in doing this, people will be able to complete trail earlier in the day and we will then be able to provide Day End results at the end of the day.

7. The discussions to add a “one click” registration for divisions and a division discount for those showing in all four classes in a division resulted in the members saying to please leave as is. For cost purposes, the general feeling was that we are reasonably priced as is. There will be no changes at this time to entry fees, trophy fees, and post entry fees. Please note, pre-entering (even just for one class) will save you $15.00.

8. In order to follow the rider ages of the stock horse world, members voted to change youth to 18 and under and adult to 19 and over.

9. Our September show will be double pointed. Please note, this is not double judged.

10. We will be offering a 7th show in the fall. This will serve as a “fun show” with a variety of non-traditional classes. We are looking at gymkhana, versatility, and other classes to excite both riders and spectators. Brookvale Pines Farm (the Tack Shack) has volunteered to donate the grounds and the proceeds from this show will go to a local equine related non-profit. Stay tuned for more details!

Again, please follow our FB posts and website for all updates to forms and all info.