Printable Entry Form

Pre-entries will close at 12:00pm on Fridays prior to the show and must be submitted electronically.  Entries received after that time will be considered post entries and will be charged $15.00.

Shows start at 8am and the booth opens at 7:00am.  Entries for Halter and Showmanship classes must be to the booth by 7:45 in order to be included on the Steward’s list.

Class Pricing is as follows-

Regular Classes: $12.00

ECRRA Classes: $14.00

Office Fee: $5.00 (one charge per show)

We do need an entry for each horse/rider combination that will be showing as each combination requires its own back number!

Any show bills NOT closed out at the show will incur a $10.00 charge.  Returned checks will incur any fees we are charged by the bank as well as a requirement for all future bills to be paid in cash.  Paypal invoices (available only to members) not paid within 24 hours will lead to a forfeiture of day’s points.


(In the event of a tie, the placing in Equitation, Ranch Pattern, or Pleasure Driving will be used to break the tie)

*NOTE: If you are competing for a division, you must show trail and showmanship in the respective attire for that division.*

Example: Exhibitor #19 shows Adult showmanship, Open, in English attire, the showmanship class will count towards the English division. Same goes for trail.

Walk Trot Canter/Lope Divisions

Adult English: 3*, 15, 19, 79*

Adult Western: 3*, 26, 35, 79*

ECRRA Open WTC: 2*, 63, 69, 81*

ECRRA Youth WTC: 2*, 62, 68, 80*

SHRC Ranch WTC: 2*, 64, 70, 82*

Youth Activities English: 47*, 14, 18, 78*

Youth Activities Western: 47*, 25, 34, 78*


Walk Trot Divisions

ECRRA Open WT: 2*, 60, 66, 75*

ECRRA Youth WT: 2*, 59, 65, 74*

SHRC Ranch WT: 2*, 61, 67, 76*

WT English (12 & Under): 46*, 12, 16, 73*

WT English (13 & Over): 48*, 13, 17, 77*

WT Western (12 & Under): 46*, 23, 32, 73*

WT Western (13 & Over): 48*, 24, 33, 77*


Driving: 51, 52

Leadline: 53, 54, 58

2023 Class List (Rev 7-24-23)

2023 August Full Slate Class List (Rev 7-24-23)

A form must be filled out for each show date
Please separate each class number by a comma.
Please indicate English or a Western for SMS
Please indicate English or a Western for Trail
I hereby certify that every horse, pony, rider and/or driver is eligible as entered and agree for myself and my representatives to be bound by the by-laws of the Silver Heels Riding Club, Inc. (hereafter SHRC) and to abide by all regulations of the event and any other rules and regulations in-effect. Further, I agree that if any damage shall be occasioned or loss occur, by fire or otherwise to the equine(s) exhibited or to any vehicle or other article that I may send with such equine(s), that I will make no claim therefore. I further agree to forfeit and pay to SHRC the sum of $500.00 per animal, as and for liquidated damages if any animal that I may exhibit is suffering from any contagious or infectious disease. I further agree to hold SHRC harmless from any claim or demand of whatever kind or nature that may be occasioned by the equine(s) exhibited by me and/or the negligence of persons in charge of such equine(s) and to repay SHRC on demand all damages it may sustain by reason of any claim or demand as aforesaid. In consideration of the acceptance of this application, I hereby waive, release & discharge any and all claims for damages or death, personal injury or property damage which I might have or which may hereafter occur to me, as a result of my participation in this equine event. This release is also to discharge in advance, the promoters, sponsors, SHRC officials and their respective agents, assigns, and employees, from any negligence or carelessness on the persons or entities mentioned above. I understand that serious accidents occasionally can or may occur during equine events and that participants in equine events may sustain mortal or serious injury, and or property damage, as a consequence there of. Knowing the risks in this type of event and or equine activity, nevertheless, I hereby agree to assume those risks. (Equine Law: MA-MGL Chapter 128, Section 2D ME-Title 7: Chapter 743, Section 3 NH-NH Bill 793, 508:19)

A confirmation email will be sent once you submit your form. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see the email.