Show Manager ~ SHRC Board
Show Office Staff ~ SHRC Board

Entry Fee $ 15.00 PER CLASS
Post Entry Fee $ 15.00
Superhorse Fee $10 fee, once per year.
PayPal Fee 3% added to your show bill (available to members only)

Negative Coggins Test are required for ALL animals coming onto the showgrounds at SHRC and must be (physically) presented to the Show Secretary or office staff at the time of check in.  Please bring a copy for show management to retain for the season.  For safety reasons we cannot take word of mouth as proof of negative tests.

For those showing in Breed or age classes, the registration papers and/or age verification must also be presented at time of registration.

Pre-entries Close on Wednesday at 8:00 PM prior to each show
No Telephone Entries


Trucks and trailers should not be pulling through the ring while riders are warming up or horses are being lunged.  Additionally, the speed limit on the grounds is NOT to exceed 5mph at any time.  Passing trucks and trailers on the dirt road coming up the show grounds is not allowed.  Going forward, the ring will be roped off with spaces left only for horses to fit through. The show grounds are open by 6:00 am so if you wish to get a “good” parking space or require more room to maneuver feel free to come in before the crowds.

The Board will NOT tolerate anyone risking the safety of our horses and riders and will be enforcing this by not allowing people who put others at risk to compete.  We value our horse and rider safety above all else and will not be tolerating any violation to this.

All cars (other than show staff) should be parked along the fence line or on the hill. For those requiring handicapped accessible parking, please have a representative contact a member of the board directly and we will instruct you as to where to park and how to get onto the show grounds without risking spooking any of the horses.

Shows Start promptly at 8 am and take place Rain or Shine…Please be signed up for any halter and showmanship classes by 7:45am.


SHRC Walk Trot Canter/Lope Divisions (May, June, July & August)

Adult English: 3*, 16, 20, 81*

Adult Western: 3*, 27, 37, 81*

Adult Ranch – SHRC: 2*, 66, 70, 82*

Youth Activities English: 51*, 15, 19, 79*

Youth Activities Western: 51*, 26, 36, 79*

Youth Ranch – SHRC: 2*, 65, 69, 79*

SHRC Walk Trot Divisions (May, June, July & August)

WT English (12 & Under): 50*, 13, 17, 74*

WT Western (12 & Under): 50*, 24, 34, 74*

WT Ranch – SHRC (12 & Under): 2*, 63, 67, 75*

WT English (13 & Over): 52*, 14, 18, 76*

WT Western (13 & Over): 52*, 25, 35, 76*

WT Ranch – SHRC (13 & Over): 2*, 64, 68, 77*

SHRC Misc. (May, June, July & August)

Driving: 55, 56

Leadline: 57, 58, 62

*NOTE: If you are competing for a division, you must show trail and showmanship in the respective attire for that division.*

Example: Exhibitor #19 shows showmanship in western attire, the showmanship class will count towards the Western Division. If Exhibitor #19 then only shows in English Pleasure and English Equitation, the showmanship class will not count towards the English Division.  Same goes for trail.

Please be sure to plan your classes for how you would like to earn points towards that division. If you show showmanship in WESTERN ATTIRE, it WILL NOT count towards the English division.

Super Horse Class Qualifications:
All classes, with the exception of: EQUITATION CLASSES, to count towards Superhorse. Any rider may ride the horse for the points to count.

Per General Rules # 1:

All exhibitors (members and non-members) shall be responsible for a thorough knowledge of and compliance with the rules contained in the rule book. Situations not specifically covered by these rules shall be handled by the show officials in a manner that most closely follows the spirit of these rules.

Rule book is available online on this page.

Per Required Appointments and Attire:

All youth (18 & Under) (English, Western AND Ranch exhibitors) shall be required to wear protective headgear whenever mounted on the Silver Heels show grounds. Helmets passing or surpassing ASTM/SEI standards are recommended.

All Handlers for the Leadline Division or Walk Trot Egg & Spoon classes shall be 14 years or older.


Local & Regional Clubs that sponsor a Year End Award for Silver Heels Members who show at Silver Heels Shows but also belong to these Local & Regional Clubs. For exhibitors interested in competing for these awards, please choose which award(s) you would like to compete for. The Intent to Show Form should be filled out by the exhibitor. These forms need only be filled out once and should be dropped off at the end of the day to the show manager.

  • New England Paint Horse Club Year End Award
    New England Paint Horse Club will sponsor this year-end award for the top rider showing a Paint Horse. Eligibility for this award is being a member of Silver Heels Riding Club and showing a Paint. Points count from all classes at a Silver Heels Shows.

***Please note, any forms that need to be filled out by the show secretary for other club/registry awards (i.e. PAC, Open Show Circuit awards, etc.), you may drop them off to the show manager, filled out, with a self addressed stamped envelope to where they need to be mailed.  Please make sure we are aware when they are due.  We will attempt to mail these out ASAP.

Club Forms & Intent to Show PLEASE READ!

Any form that needs to be filled out for other club/registry awards (i.e. PAC, Open Show Circuit awards, SHRC Intent to Show forms, etc.), you may drop them off at the show booth. Please make sure the top information is filled out along with classes shown in. Please DO NOT fill in the placing or number in class, that needs to be verified by the show manager/point secretary. A self addressed stamped envelope must be included to where they need to be mailed. Forms will not be verified at the show but will be done ASAP to make sure deadlines are met.