We are pleased to be able to offer a large number of sponsored perpetual trophies to year end winners.

Trophies without sponsors listed are available for the 2019 season. Please contact the SHRC board to find out how to sponsor!

Majestic Meadows TrophyYA WesternPeggy Berg and Majestic Meadows
Risky Business le Femme Nikita MemorialNovice WT English >13Delia Ryan
Ranch HorseRanch HorseThe Cuddy family 
Kay LittlefieldAppaloosaDwight Littlefield
Mac McDonald Memorial TrophyQH 
JR Bars Memorial TrophyYA EnglishAlison Hall
Nh Quarter HorseHigh point QH/NHQH memberNH Quarter Horse
Bobby Shea Memorial TrophyHigh Point AdultBob Shea Jr
Super HorseHigh Point HorseSHRC
Mighty Firedoll Memorial TrophyHigh Point Member
The Medos Moon Dancer Memorial TrophyLeadlineAmanda Hanson
Yamama Memorial TrophyWT English <12Amanda Hanson
The Grants Doo Bars Memorial trophyHigh Point <12Amanda Hanson
Pilgrim’s Pride Memorial TrophyHigh Point Arabian/MorganTanny Cloutier
Jack Savioli Memorial TrophyNovice WT Western
Skip the Rope Memorial Trophy Adult Western
Falls Aqway Memorial Trophy High Point Youth
Hillcrest Desdemona Memorial Trophy Open horse
Bojo Memorial TrophyAdult English-high point 
Hampton EdgarColor Breed
Officer Michael Briggs Memorial TrophyPinto/paint
Diandra Lee Mathews Memorial TrophyWT Western <12